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Skellism and Bellorum Spin Out of “Control” with Underoath’s Spencer Chamberlain

Article by: Jessica Duncan

For a lot of emo kids, it’s a natural progression to start listening to the heavier styles of EDM like dubstep. Now everything is coming full circle with dubstep tracks featuring screamo vocalists. Underoath vocalists Spencer Chamberlain and Aaron Gillespie have previously showcased their vocals on tracks with Kayzo, Rezz, GG Magree, and now they’ve collaborated with Skellism and Bellorum on “Control.”

Spencer Chamberlain

Spencer Chamberlain’s voice is immediately put on display over a delicate piano melody and a chugging guitar riff which give the track a creepy sound. The build-up would be right at home in a typical Underoath song as Spencer screams over a drum breakdown. The drop incorporates a trap beat, an oscillating bassline, and screeches throughout. The rising and falling bubble-like sound is a fun addition, lightening things up.

LA-based producer Skellism and French producer Bellorum are both known for incorporating hardstyle and trap elements into their tracks and “Control” is no exception. According to Skellism, “Me and Dylan (Bellorum) wanted to create something hard with a little feel of rock, which you can slightly hear with the guitars we added on the breakdowns.”

Listen to “Control” out today on Welcome Records and keep up with both Skellism and Bellorum using the links below. Check out Moon Lvnding’s New Music Friday Heat playlist for all of the other heaters dropping today.

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