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Slow Magic Sparks Inspiration With New EP 'Closer 2 U'

Article by: Trevor Di Carlo

Advancing into the next chapter of his music career, Slow Magic builds off successful releases Somewhere" with Shallou featuring Woven In Hiatus, and "Home.” Now, Slow Magic offers up his creatively crafted four-track EP Closer 2 U, out now via Moving Castle

The EP touches on the important theme of human connection by spotlighting his unique transcendent sound in his latest work. Closer 2 U starts off with “Somewhere,” featuring the vocal genius of Woven In Hiatus, mixed with Slow Magic’s hypnotic production style to deliver a blissfully encouraging intro track. Moving forward, Slow Magic works with Manila Killa to create the EP’s namesake track “Closer 2 U,” which pulls together infectious synth work and cosmic vocals to give this gem its own unique experience.

Slow Magic portrays fluttering sounds akin to feelings from the heart with the next track “Heartbeat/Helicopter.” Throwing down a powerful oscillation beat over a driving tempo allows for a chaotic groove to take root at the center of this composition. Concluding Closer 2 U with “Wild,” Slow Magic entangles listeners in a celestial experience that bridges his original 2011 backsound with today's modern influences. He demonstrates the overall growth of his production prowess and it serves as an epic conclusion for the EP Closer 2 U. Definitely give Slow Magic a follow to keep up with this masked producer and see what he has in store for the future, and give this EP a listen if you haven't already. 

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