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SNOW Drops In July From Groovy Future House Party Animals Electric Polar Bears

Story by: Thomas Taylor

Photo by: Jacob Tyler Dunn

Energetic future house duo and total party animals Electric Polar Bears bring the energy with their brand new track, “SNOW.” Featuring the lyric, “Everywhere we go we like to make it snow,” over a bouncy beat that is bound to set the right groove for any occasion, the Electric Polar Bears are not shy about making people dance.

The song’s release is accompanied by a fire music video. Everything about the production screams, “The party starts now!” The brothers’ prior track, “Break the Ice,” has racked up over 890,000 views on youtube.

The two push the boundaries of what future house can be by incorporating a fun-loving sound with a seriously nuanced production. The music video is the perfect accompaniment to the electronic marimba sound that drives dance music fans’ hearts to beat that little bit faster.

Electric Polar Bears, or EPB to their adoring fans, is all about playful future house sounds and its high-level of production puts them head-and-shoulders above the pack. Everything, from the synths to the bass, wraps listeners in a warm feeling of crowded dance floors and fast-moving shufflers with every play. EPB definitely makes party-popping music.

“SNOW” is an absolute club banger and builds with a live audience in mind. The drop is melodic and peaceful, all while hitting with the force of a 10-ton polar bear. “Everywhere we go” repeated and supported in the vocal chops on the second drop is sure to get listeners on their feet.

Right after the second drop, EPB employs an inventive new sound that makes the song revolutionary to new fans and old heads alike. The song embodies the motto of EPB, bringing its nuanced understanding of PLUR and live performance to any dance floors, pool decks or concert venue.

The duo love to perform live, and EPB’s passion has not gone unrecognized around the world. The groovy twosome have toured with Deorro, debuted in the United States at Time Nightclub and headlined Groove Cruise Cabo 2018. Do not sleep on the next best set of DJjs to party all night with futuristic helmets on.

For now, you can make snow everywhere you go with EPB’s insanely good new track available everywhere.

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