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Someone's Soul is Being Sacrificed at Shady Park - Hopefully Mine

Written By: Nick Lamoureux

Dombresky is BACK at Shady Park for first time since Space Yacht last August which also featured Sage Armstrong, Jace Mek and Blossom.

Now i'll admit i'm biased when it comes to Dombresky, he's one of my favorite producers and I would be lying if I said I didn't want my own soul to be sacrificed on Saturday at Shady Park. I actually am already preparing for him to completely blow me away. My last experience with Dombresky was on Holy Ship 13.0 during the Confessions party on the final night of ship. This whole night was one of my favorites and I was in the front row for the entirety of the night.

This actually led to a legendary photo of Malaa pouring a shot of Jack Daniels into my mouth.

Proof it happened. Yep, Legendary.

Anyway, that's just a piece of why that night was so amazing. Dombresky's set absolutely blew me away that night, and it was only the second time that I was fortunate enough to experience his music live; the other being at Space Yacht last year, also at Shady Park.

I am looking forward to (hopefully) hearing all of the 'bangers' like "Utopia," "Aragon," "Soul Sacrifice" and "Rave Alarm," his collaboration with Noizu. This is even more exciting for me because I was supposed to be at Electric Zoo, and due to unforeseen circumstances, I was not able to attend.

Looking forward to seeing Dombresky this Saturday at Shady Park!

Tickets for this Saturday are SOLD OUT, but you can check in the AZRAVEFAM page to see if anyone is selling theirs!

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