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Sonny Fodera + Biscits = Saucy "From the Start"

Article by: Sam Wolloch

The mastermind behind UK house label Solotoko, the one and only Sonny Fodera, released his upbeat remix of the Biscits track "From the Start" on Insomniac Records. Fodera and Biscits previously collaborated on Vibrant, a successful EP on Solotoko back in 2019. Biscits, the budding tech-house star from Southampton, UK, dropped the original single "From the Start" back on July 10 with Solotoko, and now it's getting the royal treatment from the label's leader with a rollicking remix.

The song is propelled by pointed lyrics about the lasting effect of a romantic relationship doomed "From the Start." While Biscits' original song is more ominous and dark in its buildup and drop, Sonny Fodera manages to make the remix brighter and more whimsical. He really hits the mark with his remixing of the vocals in the chorus and leaves an impression with the enchanting recorder melody at the end of the track.

Building on the momentum of the successful original and Fodera's new remix, Solotoko and Insomniac are teaming up for a five hour curated event broadcasting live from London Friday August 14 starting at 7pm PST. There is a lot to love coming from the UK house scene lately, and with this new remix, the duo of Sonny Fodera and Biscits show they are right in the center of all the action.

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