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SOREN Releases Long-Awaited “Welcome To The Doghouse” Remix

Article by: Jessica Duncan

If you’ve seen Kayzo perform anytime over the last two years, there’s a high probability you heard him play out SOREN’s remix of the 2016 hit “Welcome To The Doghouse.” The remix from the LA-based hard dance producer is finally out today via Welcome Records.

The first part of the song has higher-pitched synths, distorted kicks, and screeches — all elements of a traditional hardstyle song. This quickly gives way to a distorted dubstep breakdown in the middle, which is perfect for headbanging. After a short break, the second half launches into a metal breakdown complete with chugging guitars, a guitar solo filled with harmonics, and plenty of double bass drum kicks and crash cymbals. The last part of the song revs the distortion into overdrive and adds in hardcore-style piep kicks before one final “Welcome To The Doghouse” scream from Sullivan King.

SOREN takes a few elements from the original, but he really makes this remix his own. I imagine if Kayzo were to remake this song in 2022, it would sound similar to SOREN’s creation.

This song in particular holds a lot of significance for SOREN: “I still remember hearing 'Welcome to the Doghouse' when it was first released, and it was one of the songs that made me decide hard dance was the sound for me. So I wanted to give it a modern spin with my own take on it, and give Hayden [Kayzo] a fresh version of one of his classics that he could play in 2022.”

Listen to SOREN’s “Welcome To The Doghouse” remix and stay on top of what he is up to by using the links below. Check out the other hard dance tracks that dropped this week on Moon Lvnding’s New Music Friday Heat playlist on Spotify.


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