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Spag Heady @ AURA: In Review

By: Taylor Clough

Accompanied by talented Arizona local artists, Spag Heddy’s show Saturday night was one for the books. The array of dubstep and drumstep through the night kept the crowd dancing and head-banging the whole time. Upon arrival to the nightclub, vibrations from the first artists set could be felt at the entrance. The anticipation only grew the closer we got to the doors.

Walking up the stairs to find the dance floor moving to the beats of Sirenz, an 18-year-old DJ/Producer from Tucson. Walking down the steps to the dance floor, the vibrations from the bass could be felt through your whole body. The urge to dance around could not be fought once joining the crowd in front of the stage. Accompanying his beats were trippy geometric visuals that took you on a visual rollercoaster. The energy throughout the crowd only grew more and more with every drop. Headbangers couldn’t help but break their necks with every drop. Towards the end of his set he dropped “Work it Out” by Party Favor really got the crowd moving.

Bigstabes was next to hit the stage, and he took no time at all to hype up the crowd. Right off the bat hitting the crowd with some beats that made the whole club jump. Bigstabes had almost a futuristic aspect in his beats, kept everyone moving the whole time. The visuals on screen complimented his sound very well. From neon shapes glitching across the screen, to trippy architectural illustrations, there was always something exciting to look at.

Bigstabes at AURA Nightclub. Photo by: Taylor Clough

The next artist to take over the tables was Mike Dao. He took no time to get right into some heavier bass sounds and drops. One highlight that seemed to add to the energy in the room was when he dropped “Takeaway” by The Chainsmokers and Illenium featuring Lennon Stella mid set. His space-like visuals accompanying this song were beautiful and only added to the beauty of the song itself. A smooth transition from these melodic sounds to the more drumstep beats, Mike Dao threw in “Lift You Up” by Zeds Dead to bring the energy back up and get the crowd jumping again. Futuristic patterns in bright colors flashed across the screen to accent the high energy of the song. Ending his set with his mix of “Who Do You Love” by The Chainsmokers featuring 5 Seconds of Summer, he left the audience wanting more.

Mike Dao at AURA Nightclub. Photo by: Taylor Clough

Finally, the man everyone came to see took over the stage and he did not disappoint. “Running to You,” filled the dark room and the crowd went wild! Building the song up to lead to a heavy first drop, the audience was ready to head-bang! Once the build turned into the drop, the whole room flung themselves forward and back with the beat. A trippy, brightly colored skeleton engulfed in flames flashed across the screen adding to the intensity of the drop.

Spag Heddy at AURA Nightclub. Photo by: Taylor Clough

Spag Heddy is well known for his funky beats and intense bass drops and he brought exactly that. A high pitched whine at the top of each drum hit created a funky beat that made the crowd jump in unison. The energy through the club was electric! Transitioning to a heavy, stomplike bass hit, the audience was back to breaking their necks.

Some were head-banging on the handrail down the nightclub steps and went so hard the railing was pulled out of the ground! His intense drops had all the headbangers on the floor that night. To end his set, the Spag Heddy remix of “Superhuman,” by Slander Featuring Eric Leva rang through the club, everyone screaming every word in unison. Spag Heddy’s set had the whole venue shaking and everyone in attendance moving. Overall the night was extremely high energy, fun crowd and great music and visuals throughout! Can’t wait for the next chance to see all of these local artists once again and of course Spag Heddy himself.

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