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Sparkee Unveils Groovy New Single “Feel Alive”

Article by: Christian Langston

Known for his funky nu-disco and house sounds, Sparkee is a name synonymous with dance music. You may recognize him from his remix of Tiësto’s “The Business,” but this time he’s back with an all new original track. “Feel Alive” is a fresh take on some old vibes, and the first song from his upcoming Snack Pack EP!

Coming out the gate with thumping drums and a syncopated guitar line, “Feel Alive” opens as a magnum opus for Sparkee’s sound thus far. Adding in some horns and a bass line that makes you dance, Sparkee is standing on the shoulders of giants from the disco era. The standout section of the song comes after the first chorus, where the listener is treated to a rhapsodic guitar solo. Bringing in some notable funk and rock influences here, Sparkee breathes new life into the aforementioned disco sound he’s established thus far.

“Feel Alive” is one of the most fun tracks we’ve heard all year. Its groovy rhythms and live instrumentation bring the listener back to some of the roots of dance music, all while keeping a fresh and modern sound to it. Sparkee has outdone himself once again, as “Feel Alive” will no doubt be a summer favorite. Be sure to check out his other songs, and stay tuned for his upcoming Snack Pack EP using the links below!

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