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SQWAD Releases Bass House Single “U Don’t Know” on Divided Souls

Article by: Thomas Taylor

SQWAD is serving up their highly-anticipated second single on Wax Motif’s new label Divided Souls with "U Don’t Know." The talented French producers return to Divided Souls fresh off the success of their August release "Never Stop."

Similar to SQWAD's first Divided Souls release, “U Don’t Know” is an energetic bass house track, combining the best elements of the two genres into a delicious cocktail, perfect for a Friday evening. SQWAD masterfully builds to the first drop on this tantalizing track, subtly creating an aural environment of shuffling bliss within the bass house groove.

Another important factor in making this track a banger is its length. Clocking in at 3:40, the song feels full, as if the listener is being led through a series of unique moments. This song is unlike other bass house tracks that lack a break in the heavy beats. I’m referring specifically to the minor beat switch in this song that occurs around two minutes. It shifts the listener into the prime position for the second, vocally-distorted drop, and draws the listener in further for the latter half of the track. This moment of cool repose is a sign of masterful suspense building, and SQWAD deserves major accolades for their restraint.

The stylish producers have done it again, as SQWAD renders a beautifully distorted bass house track, borrowing heavily from tech house and other low-fi sounds, to create a bombastic, fun, dance-inducing sound. The house groove is perfectly offset by the grimy, monstrous synths. To see all of SQWAD’s future releases, connect with them on social media using the links below!


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