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Steve Aoki And Timmy Trumpet Drop Masterful Track "Tarantino"

Article by: Thomas Taylor

Steve Aoki, with the help of collaborators Timmy Trumpet and STARX, masterfully reworks a piece of nostalgia from the soundtrack of Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction, while staying true to Aoki’s legendary live performance roots on the new track “Tarantino.” The sound is energetic and sure to make old and new bassheads alike dance all night.

The key to this song are the bodacious horns and psychedelic stylings provided by Timmy Trumpet and STARX. The horns break up the electro beat and provide a melodic crescendo before the first drop, while the distorted futuristic guitar riff leads into a sweet hardstyle transition. Suffice it to say, the song blends many elements into a sinful, bass-heavy piece of decadence.

The song evokes the past while reaching towards the future. The inclusion of the guitar riff, mixed with an epic fast-paced future-drum sound and topped off with epic horns, makes this a track well worth checking out. It’s innovation is due to the motivation behind Aoki's upcoming EP, for which “Tarantino” is a single, called 60KI - Rave Royale EP. The guiding concept for the EP is Aoki's determination to work with collaborators on all six tracks and build on his love for live sets.

The Steve Aoki x Timmy Trumpet ft. STARX’s track is absolutely gas and deserves many many listens. Enjoy the tune and connect with the artists below.

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