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SubDocta and Shlump team up for dubstep goodness “Cavern Dub,” out now on Wakaan

Article by: Ryan Hood

Collaborations are fascinating. It’s always intriguing to hear how artists come together and how each artist’s talent shows through in the track. “Cavern Dub” by SubDocta and Shlump is a perfect example of artists combining their sounds to create an absolute masterpiece. These two are no strangers to the Wakaan label, and showcase some of the very best the label has to offer.

The intro combines ethereal vocals and reggae-style synths, utilizing a subdued riser for a more subtle build, not introducing any percussion until the drop. The drop brings incredible progression starting with a single groovy bassline, then punctuated by the sound of dripping water keeping up with the tune’s ethereal theme. The drop continues to add layers of synths, showcasing each of the artists' signature sounds. The reggae melody then returns, giving the song an incredible groove.

After a subtle interlude, the second drop continues to showcase outstanding sound design. The two talents create an incredibly diverse and holistic soundscape, featuring otherworldly top-end FX to accent their familiar bass sound.

A Wakaan veteran, Shlump has released numerous tracks as one of the label’s original artists. While relatively new to the label, SubDocta has already delivered to Wakaan gifts of Crystals & Kombucha, a stellar two-part EP for its library, and another EP on the way.

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