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Subshock & Evangelos Keep It Rolling With Bassrush Records Debut “Runaway”

Article by: Jessica Duncan

From bass house to hard dance, the Spanish/Belgian duo Subshock & Evangelos have proven they can tackle any genre, including drum & bass with their latest release, “Runaway,” out today on Bassrush Records. They gave us a taste of drum & bass earlier this year with “If You Wanna” on their Want U EP (check out Christian’s review here), but now they’ve really jumped full force into the genre.

The reese bass creeping beneath the vocals in the intro creates an immediate sense of urgency, building the tension before the break. Subshock & Evangelos are known more for their bass house sound, which can be heard in the synth topline and has a moment to shine before the breakbeat creates a classic drum & bass feel. The vocal refrain of “Let’s Runaway” is a bit of an understatement—this beat will make you want to break into a full sprint. Subshock & Evangelos let you catch your breath while they show off their sound design skills with multiple layered synths and panning that creates a sense of motion and the feeling that you’re about to be caught by whoever’s been chasing you on this journey.

The energy of “Runaway” is sure to have everyone skanking on the dancefloor later this year when shows and festivals return. Check out “Runaway” and keep up with Subshock & Evangelos using the links below.

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