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Subtronics Melts Faces with New EP Scream Saver

Article by: Trevor Di Carlo

Brace yourself - the leader of the cyclops army, Subtronics, pulled up locked and loaded with a new four-track EP Scream Saver this past Friday. The riddim renegade is quickly becoming a mainstream face in the bass heavy scene, having an epic year with smashing hits “Griztronics” and “Wooked on Tronics” along with new installations to his Now That’s What I Call Riddim series. Scream Saver showcases the very best from Subtronics, proving just how innovative, technologically advanced, and deeply powerful his sound is.

First up, the title track “Scream Saver” sets the tone for the whole release. It fires off with a subtle beat that quickly builds abstract layers going into a hard-hitting, high pitched, experimental harmony. Encompassed by a feverous bassline, Subtronics adds fitting vocal samples that call headbangers to break their necks. Next up is “Lullaby,” featuring powerful vocals from British grime collective Virus Syndicate. These intoxicating vocals match up with a riveting bassline to create an over the top riddim track. The next track is a collaboration with Akeos, titled “Discotek,” and offers a real crooked edition to the EP, with a fitting vocal sample from the HBO series Barry. Subtronics ends it with the super-powerful song “Blow Stuff Up,” pushing the boundaries of bass music yet again with his own unique sound. Carefully syncing together his synths with a slapping bass melody, Subtronics perfectly delivers an explosive conclusion to his outstanding EP.

After listening through the whole EP, one can tell how much time, energy, humor, and love Subtronics put into Scream Saver. He continues to push the boundaries of dubstep and riddim, while giving members of the cyclops army more ammunition to bust a move and break some necks.

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