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Super Future Dazzles With Romantic EP 'Goddess'

Article by: Ryan Hood

There’s no emotion as powerful as love, which Super Future proves with his latest EP Goddess. Written as an expression of his love for his wife Ellie, Super Future delivers some of his best work to date, showcasing the incredible dichotomy of his sound and outstanding design.

Nick Rowland a.k.a. Super Future has been incredibly outspoken about the love he has for his wife and the impact she has had on him and his music. “If I have the gift of music and a fanbase, you better believe I'm going to show her and all of my people just how much she matters to me,” Rowland said. Goddess is his romantic gesture. Featuring absolutely stunning artwork, this EP walks the line between bass and downtempo, showcasing the range and skill Rowland has developed as a producer.

“3XTACY,” the bass track on the EP, is certain to set clubs and festival stages ablaze. A cosmic topline is coupled with a deep, groovy bassline and an uptempo trap beat. This track represents the intimate moments couples share on the dancefloor.

“Always” is the mellow, downtempo complement to “3XTACY.” Made with some of his wife’s favorite samples including R&B vocals, “Always” finds an incredible groove with a smooth beat and incredible FX. The vocals: “you’re always on my mind,” are mixed seamlessly with the synth melodies to create an incredibly vivid, diverse soundscape for listeners to get lost in.

The EP’s final track, Super Future’s remix of “Count Me In” by THEY., is a Soundcloud-only release which came out on Valentine’s Day in 2021. Since the original is a special song for Rowland and his wife, he noted how ecstatic he was to remix the tune. In his remix, he employs a deep, persistent bassline and background FX. Completed by THEY.’s outstanding vocals, this remix is one of the best in Super Future’s repertoire of beats.

Fresh off an incredible 2021 featuring a major EP release on Sskwan, Super Future is looking ahead to a promising 2022 featuring a Winter tour and an appearance at Sol Music Festival, among numerous festivals and shows yet to be announced.

Keep up with the latest from Super Future using the links below, and follow along with Moon Lvnding’s New Music Friday Heat playlist on Spotify for all the latest and greatest music.

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