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Surhat Durmus Reimagines a Classic with “My Feelings”

Article by: Christian Langston

One of the many benefits of music is it can transcend language, becoming a universal way to communicate. Serhat Durmus decided to push this even further with his newest release “My Feelings,” the English version of his smash hit “Hislerim.” The Turkish chill trap producer employs the vocal stylings of Georgia Ku to reimagine his 2018 masterpiece.

“My Feelings” opens with Surhat’s signature ambient sound, featuring lonely plucks and Georgia Ku’s voice. This slowly evolves into a short buildup, finally releasing the energy with the drums and vocal chop lead we know and love from “Hislerim.” As the first drop fades, the listener gets an instant return to the beautiful vocals and atmosphere which has so long been synonymous with Surhat Durmus.

While these two tracks are understandably similar, the songwriting seems to separate itself a bit. Because two languages cannot be directly translated into a song that makes sense in both, “My Feelings” had to rewrite the sentiment of “Hislerim.” Georgia Ku sings of loss, regret, and longing for a different outcome; a beautifully painful experience we all have felt. Pair this emotion with her pristine vocals, and the final product is a beautiful song.

The translation of a song into another language is extremely difficult to pull off well. However, Surhat Durmus has completely mastered this. Keeping the same emotion and instrumental from “Hislerim” with a brand new vocal, has given the song a whole new life. This is something that has now set him miles apart from the crowd, and we expect he will have much more coming very soon. Be sure to connect with Surhat Durmus using these links.

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