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Swayló Invites Us to “Open Up” with Latest Tech House Heater

Article by: Jessica Duncan

Swayló, the rising multi-denominational house producer from New Mexico, returns to Insomniac’s IN / ROTATION imprint for his latest release “Open Up.” It was released on April 27 in accordance with the full moon, a tradition he has maintained for all of his releases to help his listeners tune into a higher frequency.

The funky, driving bassline and four-on-the-floor kick drum in the opening of the track signal that this is going to be a dance floor heater. Each new element is layered in one at a time - first the snare followed by the hi hats, before climaxing with synth and laser stabs reminiscent of the 90s. Swayló continues to showcase his tribal influences with timbales and seed shell shakers sprinkled beneath the beat. The vocal refrain of “don’t be scared, open up” invites the listener to choose love over fear and connect to something deeper.

As event halls and night clubs open up around the world, fans are surely looking forward to hearing “Open Up” in dark rooms full of fog and lasers in the near future. Stay up to date with Swayló using the links below and check out this track Moon Lvnding's playlist New Music Friday Heat on Spotify.


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