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Take an Audio Journey with ShyGhy and this Smash Single “Find Home”

Article by: Matt Garcia

On the rise DJ and producer ShyGhy is set to lift off with his new single “Find Home,” which finds a place on Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike’s label, Smash the House. This new track is just months removed from his independently released debut album Into Summer, which featured the track “Get High,” his first single release on Smash the House. Clearly ShyGhy made a big impression, as “Find Home” has a progressive house vibe that takes listeners on a vibrant journey.

ShyGhy begins the track with light hypnotizing synths followed by the vocal track from Akacia. Soon after the vocals begin, the percussion picks up to set the stage for the first phenomenal drop, a colorful burst of genius basslines with special effects riddled throughout. The track continues with a slow transition into the next verse. The second drop though, lined with beautiful guitar-like effects, is met with a quick pause, which allows for a smooth transition to the outro. The euphoric sound and the elegantly written lyrics create a transcendent track full of emotion.

With impressive singles like “Find Home,” it is no surprise ShyGhy is making a name for himself in the electronic music scene. As the chillwave artist looks to further his career with more projects on the Smash The House label, be sure to follow along, because there is plenty good music yet to come from this rising star.

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