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TAP Into Your Potential With The Artist Path

Story by: Nick Lamoureux

Have you ever wanted to have 1-on-1 sessions with music industry professionals? Well now you’re in luck, because you can book sessions in production, management, marketing, and business affairs through The Artist Path!

The organization was founded to provide individualized breakout sessions with industry professionals in your own homes using virtual computer meetups. Through face to face mentorship, The Artist Path is committed to helping up-and-coming producers and aspiring industry professionals learn, grow, and prosper in their own careers.

With the industry coming to a screeching halt, The Artist Path has proven to be a valuable resource during a time where things have taken an impetuous turn for the worst in live entertainment.

The roster at The Artist Path includes the following talent:



Jace Mek


Dack Janiels




Jason Euler - Relentless Beats

Brandon Owen - White Rabbit Group

Arta Majd - Dim Mak

Matt Whitlock - Northern Lights Music Festival

Additional mentors will be determined in the coming weeks.

The Artist Path is also providing a means of income to their partners in the music industry affected by Covid-19. The group is also creating a one-of-a-kind platform to connect up-and-coming artists with talented professionals to help guide them with best practices in the music industry.

Follow The Artist Path on their social media pages below.

Twitter: @ArtistPathMusic

Facebook: The Artist Path

Instagram: @artistpathmusic

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