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Tape B Unveils Harrowing Halloween Mixtape 'Hallow Tapes'

Article by: Ryan Hood

There are few underground bass producers making waves like Florida’s Tape B. Combining hip-hop beats with gut-punching bass synthesis, Tape B lives in the space between the two genres, combining classic elements from each to create some of the freshest tunes in bass music.

Hallow Tapes is Tape B’s latest collection of heat-seeking tunes, featuring deep, brooding bass and harrowing FX that turn this mixtape into an instant Halloween classic. “Wake The Fuck Up” opens the mixtape with quite the jump scare, as Tape B holds nothing back on this big bass dubstep anthem. The bass synths are quite reminiscent of classic bass growls from days of dubstep past. The track eventually introduces a hip-hop vocal chop that perfectly ties the track together.

“Madness,” in the true spirit of Halloween, utilizes an incredibly ominous piano melody reminiscent of tunes heard in old Halloween films. This melody eventually gives way to a punishing bass sequence highlighted by a killer machine gun bass sample. “Madness” is the only collaborative effort on the EP, as Tape B teams up with San Diego duo Blurrd Vzn to deliver one of his hardest hitting tunes to date.

“Deep Trouble” is one of my personal favorites from the mixtape. The song takes a more classic approach to dubstep, using more subliminal bass leads and topline FX reminiscent of the likes of Joker and other pioneers of the genre.

“Sleeptalk'' is also a fantastic nod to days of dubstep past, utilizing bass synths that fill the sound spectrum as an angelic voice serenades the listener. The beat persists as the singing gives way to some of Tape B’s signature hip-hop vocal chops.

“Tell Me” dials it back in all the right ways. This track employs a 90’s hip hop beat and subliminal bass synths to create the perfect counterpart to the bangers that lead off the EP. “About Me Too” rounds out this incredible EP with a beautiful vocal track and harmonic synths. The singer’s voice is the perfect addition to this tune, as the intro uses a grainy piano track, which coupled with the vocals, gives the track its somber feel. Melancholic bass leads take over as the track progresses.

Tape B is one of my favorite artists right now. From his classic remixes such as “Collapse,” “In For The Kill,” and “Eyes on Fire” to his recent releases on Subsidia, Wubaholics, and Wavecraft Co., Tape B is surely making his mark on the underground bass community. He recently completed a tour with epsicool and JordnMoody, and we cannot wait to see what lies ahead for him in 2021 and beyond.

Keep up with the latest from Tape B using the links below and follow along with Moon Lvnding’s New Music Friday Heat playlist on Spotify for all the latest and greatest music from across the electronic spectrum.

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