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Taste The Rainbow With GRiZ's New Tune “Rainbow Brain”

Article by: Trevor Di Carlo

Back at it again with the fire tunes and killer vibes, our man GRiZ, alongside long-time collaborators ProbCause and Chrishira Perrier, teamed up once again to deliver the tune “Rainbow Brain,” This is the summer track that we didn't know we needed.

Looping together a groovy horn section, slick vocals, and a mirage of bass-synths, the King of Funk truly conjured up some sweet beats to help everyone taste the rainbow, and oh boy can we taste it!

“Rainbow Brain” embodies that classic GRiZ sound, and encapsulates the “Show Love, Spread Love” vibe he has encouraged us to embrace in our lives. For all those GRiZ fans out there, make sure this track is blasting on repeat and remember, Grizmas in July is but a few weeks away, and “Rainbow Brain” is here to get everyone in that positive mindset.


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