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Tchami Delivers Groovy Remix Of Justin Martin’s Single “Stay”

Article by: Trevor Di Carlo

Known for his infectiously innovative house beats, legendary French producer Tchami lands with his groovy remix of Justin Martin’s new track “Stay,” officially published on Martin’s new deep house imprint What To Do

Both producers have been working hard to advance their brands during the pandemic that has brought the live music industry on a screeching halt. Justin Martin recently debuted his new record label What To Do, kicking things off with its first release “Needs,” then following up with his single “Stay.” 

Tchami, on the other hand, has been putting in his time and energy at the studio for the better part of the year, consistently creating fire new music, like recent gems “Proud” (feat. Daecolm), and “Ghosts” (feat. Hana). Tchami followed up by inviting a variety of producers to remix his new songs for a forthcoming remix EP. Riding the momentum, Tchami released his vibrant new EP Born Again back in May and now Tchami unveils his remix for Justin Martin’s “Stay.”

Tchami opens the remix with a slick progression of drum and bass before looping in Dalilah’s powerful vocals. The progression of the track is seamless, drifting into the chorus with poignant synthesizers paired with an irresistibly funky bassline. Overall this remix is another standout banger added to Tchami’s massive production library, as well as claiming a place on What To Do’s developing discography. 

House music lovers should keep their eyes open going into the rest of this year, as there is plenty more to come from Tchami, and play close attention to Martin’s label What To Do as well, because there is plenty going on behind the scenes. 

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