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Teddy Killerz Send Us Back to School with the NERD STARTER PACK EP

Article by: Ryan Hood

A New Music Friday would be incomplete without some fresh drum & bass, so look no further than Teddy Killerz’s Nerd Starter Pack on Bassrush. The Russian trio combine powerful neuro-bass synths and punishing percussion in tracks that truly stand out amid the current bass music landscape.

The eponymous first track opens with eerie, foreboding synths that foreshadow what’s to come. A deep, rising synth and building percussion give this track an apocalyptic feel before the drop even comes in. The drop contains a wide array of bassface-inducing synths and crisp percussion that encompasses the true energy of drum & bass.

“Revenge” starts with a chilling vocal track accompanied by high-pitched glitch sound effects. These sounds carry the track to the drop where they join a punishing bassline and expert percussion. The drum breaks and fills complete this song and showcase Teddy Killerz’s percussion prowess.

“Interference” is the perfect end to this EP, the type of track that plays as movie protagonists escape from an alien prison. Sinister ambient background sounds paint a dark soundscape, while massive one-off bass stabs and chilling vocals deliver a killer drop.

With Nerd Starter Pack, Teddy Killerz put together a drum & bass EP that will excite longtime fans and newcomers to the genre. Stay up to date with Teddy Killerz via the links below, and follow Moon Lvnding’s New Music Friday Heat playlist for the best new music every week.

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