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The Mysterious camoufly Teases Upcoming Faith EP With First Single, “alone (with u)”

Article by: Christian Langston

After the success of his Apotheosis EP last year, it's been nothing but up for camoufly. Quickly becoming a hot commodity around the scene, he’s garnered attention from industry professionals and fans alike. Just off of winning two separate crowns at the Audius Awards, he’s here with his brand new single “alone (with u).”

“alone (with u)” puts camoufly’s production style firmly on display. Filled with shimmering glitches and ear candy, he brings the digital to life. The track is characterized by a lead vocal chop that offers a sense of humanness within, juxtaposing the cyber sound. Ending with a smooth guitar line and a recorded conversation, “alone (with u)” brings the listener back to reality.

camoufly’s ability to seamlessly blend electronic and organic textures sets him apart from the pack. He has a unique sound that captures the essence of many styles, which is why he is quickly becoming many people's’ favorite new artist. With the rest of his Faith EP on the way, we expect to see much more of him very soon. You can listen to “alone (with u)” in its entirety, and everything else camoufly has to offer, using these links below!

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