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The Tones Track We've Been "Waiting" For

Article by: James Jimenez

Calling all house music lovers. If you’ve been needing a new track to bring an energetic, upbeat vibe into your life — this is the one! Tones just dropped his 2nd track on Monotones Records, “Waiting.” This release follows his debut single “In The Mix,” which was his first independent release on Monotones Records.

“Waiting” is sure to resonate with a lot of people. The track takes one on a journey of life, where one waits for something great to happen, rather than just enjoying the here and now, living in the moment. We’ve all been there. The idea is that if one is patient and waits long enough then good things will follow, but it’s this thought process that often detracts people from truly appreciating the things in life that are happening now.

Beyond the meaningful depth of the song, the music itself is a vibe. The song is a true house track that all dance music lovers can enjoy. The track is a guarantee to fill up the dancefloor.

“Waiting is a record I wrote as I believe some spend too much time waiting for something

great to come along instead of living in the moment. Music has always been a place for

me to be centered in the moment and not worried about the future or past.”Tones

Don’t sleep on this track. You’re sure to hear it bumping on the speakers now and it’ll definitely get everyone moving. Check out the links below to catch more of Tones.


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