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THE VAULT 626: A New Approach to the Music Industry

Article By: Kate Nelson

Sydney Alexis knew five years ago she wanted to be in the music industry, and she took her first step by working as a photographer in 2018. After shooting over 300 shows and attending The Los Angeles Film School for Music Business, her vision started to fall into place. As a way to help bring artists up in the music industry without having to sacrifice their independence, THE VAULT 626 was born.

Freshly launched on June 1, 2022, THE VAULT 626 aims to aid artists with industry ins and outs. From branding and creative development to distribution/copywriting and even industry basics, it’s all covered. “The music industry saved my life five years ago, and I birthed this company to help the community I feel indebted to,” Sydney shared. “The industry relies on us all working together, so this space is designed to fill all the gaps. I find many people wanting to start in the industry but don't know how to, who to ask the right questions to, or what it takes to be in their desired position.”

Sydney Alexis

Artist development has changed massively in just the last five years. Social media and branding have become imperative to artist success, meaning THE VAULT 626 fills an important space in the music industry. With certifications in social media marketing, SEO and graphic design, and experience working professionally in corporate public relations, Sydney was able to create a one-stop shop for music industry needs. Her company will be changing the face of how many artists think and go about their careers. She says, "I truly want to help artists at all levels succeed and see that someone is looking out for them and on their side. "

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