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The Wait Is Over - SVDDEN DEATH Presents: VOYD II

Article by: Austin Childers

The time has finally come, the anticipation is over – SUDDEN DEATH’s VOYD II album release is upon us. After much success with VOYD Vol. 1 & VOYD Vol. 1.5, SVDDEN DEATH blesses his audience with his debut album VOYD 2. This is exactly what fans of SVDDEN DEATH’s music have been thirsty for and VOYD is here to quench that thirst. Allow me to take you on a journey as we dive deep into the 13-track album.

Bridging the gap between metal and dubstep, SVDDEN DEATH’s creativity covers multiple sub genres within the EDM realm, drawing a diverse group of listeners. Personally, I am passionate about this particular style of music: melodic bass patterns, sharp switch-hits, and originality. With the release of this album, the SVDDEN DEATH presents: VOYD set at Ultra Miami 2022 should not be missed!

Now onto the track list. SVDDEN DEATH starts off with “Maze of Punishment.” With demonic pulsating waves of sound, he harnesses listeners into an inward spiral. This track has VIP edits of his tracks from previous EPs within the VOYD soundscape and it should be played at full volume. Be prepared to embrace your inner devil with this one. Next up, is “Dream Sequence,” which has a nice light start to the track, with a proper build up of organ-like music to soothe the mind. The building of heavy drum patterns eventually turns into a bombastic drop of high-hitting bass snares and face-melting beat combinations. This will have the listener tossing one’s body all over the place, and don’t you forget about the second drop, as the screaming bass is there to bless your ears.

Get ready to jump up and head bang to “Shallow Land Burial,” which is a personal favorite. The build-up embedded in this tune prepares the audience to go bonkers. By mixing reverberations, synth noises, and snippets of demonic voices, SVDDEN DEATH hits every nerve just right. The next track, “Magic Armour,” reminds me of a Rezz-themed beat pattern, alongside snare smacks and festival synths, which set a magical tone for this track. SVDDEN DEATH adds character by using snippets of voices as well. With winding obscure rhythms and maniacal oscillations, “Eidolon Hex” is another unique piece of work. SVDDEN DEATH knows how to keep the audience wanting more and more with each track.

In his pre-release on twitter, SVDDEN DEATH showcased a snippet of this next track, “Thirst for Revenge;” prepare yourself for a cyclone of directional change of resonant music. The “Laughing Track” is certainly no laughing matter. Throwing thick beats and translating laughing synths into heavy pulsations, this track is perfect for a festival mosh pit. It amazes me how unique SVDDEN DEATH is with his production, that he can utilize the clip of a verb and tune it to sound like the heaviest beat drum to hit your eardrums. Applying sharp synthesizers that never fail to please, SVDDEN DEATH makes it clear that “Comprehension Barrier” is a heavy hitter. The rhythmic flow of this staple track will certainly have an audience dancing.

Beware of the “Demonic Curse,” an unparalleled mesh of off-beat pattern usage makes this track a powerful one that will throw audiences into a favorable strut. I like this track for its different trap beat, keeping the audience on its toes. Last, but certainly not least, SVDDEN DEATH finishes his album with “Rings of Pluto.” Going back to his track with YAKZ, “Rock Like This,” SVDDEN DEATH reuses familiar vocals. With his own twist on the full blasting bass and winding drum smacks, it’s the perfect way to put a cap on this album.

With this being SVDDEN DEATH’s debut full-length album, one can tell he put his blood, sweat, heart, and soul into this project. VOYD II defines what it means to break the barriers of sound design and heighten creativity for the bass community to enjoy. This album will chart at the top of the bass and riddim charts in the EDM scene. Remember this: you cannot escape the VOYD, you must embrace your inner evil! Follow us on social media @MOONLVNDING and check out our New Music Friday Playlist on Spotify for the latest and greatest tracks each week.


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