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There is NO ESCAPE from YAKZ’s New EP

Article by: Austin Childers

David Mitori, otherwise known as, YAKZ, bends the barrier of sound once again, with his brand new 6-track ‘Escape Room EP’. This will be the Mastermind’s fourth EP within his musical career, making him one of the highest growing underground EDM/Dubstep artists of his time.

The “Escape Room EP” significantly demonstrates how unique drum patterns, and rhythmic sound designs go hand in hand. To kick things off, his title track, “Escape Room” leads us on a sinister path where there is quite literally ‘NO ESCAPE’ from his pulsating basslines. With gargantuan-crushing, synthesizing type bass notes, he forces audiences to head bang to an extremity like no other.

His next track, ‘STEP’, builds into a stomper tune. In this specific track the listener can hear his method of mixed drum styles sounding like a blast from a laser canon. This drives an audience into a rhythmic dance.

Okay, now ‘FOR REAL’… Are you ready? This track reminds me of Yakz’ quality sound design. For example, his metallic twists set a tone which draws attention to a unique vibration of music that he has mastered in previous tracks. Moving right along with ‘PRESSURE’, Yakz finds use of his more melodic style embedded within the entirety of the track. He takes this approach comparable to his other works of art; “F*** OFF’, ‘FLY SO HIGH’, and ‘DESIGNATED DUB’, which stands out in the world of dubstep as immaculate.

My two personal favorite tracks off of the “Escape Room EP” are in fact the last two. I guess that’s why they call it ‘Best for Last’. Combining his fundamental sound mixed in with new beat patterns, YAKZ has his way of throwing an audience into a complete whirlwind of commotion via his track ‘F*** YAKZ’. Just when you think the drop is about to hit… think again. Last, but surely not least, YAKZ and Aweminus team up with ‘MIND TRICKS’. They bless the audience with predominant riddim characteristics, and floor shaking quakes to keep the people in motion. This track defines the meaning of heavy bass and will certainly give the audience all of its headbanging needs.

This EP has surely blown me away with the fact that YAKZ stays true to his core upbringing, and plays with different variations of drum patterns to keep the audience at the rail. This is by far one of the best EP’s I have within the underground Bass scene of the EDM culture. Click the link below to have your mind blown on our New Music Friday Heat playlist, and to keep up with the YAKZ!


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