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There's a Riot Coming to Tempe

Written By: Aly Bryne

There’s a riot coming to Tempe!!! That’s right kids you heard correctly; Virtual Riot is coming to Aura Nightclub in Tempe this Saturday, September 7th. But that’s not all! The night will also be jam packed with bangers from Mike Dao, Chief, and District13. Come one, come all as we, “Creepstep,” our way up to the dance floor for a night of good vibes, good tunes, and good memories.

Arizona will be Virtual Riot’s second stop on his tour and he comes ready to party. After playing some of the largest festivals in the U.S. like EDC, Christian has found a way to dominate the crowd with his energy, bass drops, and love for his fans. We last saw Virtual Riot at his appearance at Gold Rush in 2018 and if you missed his set then You. Missed. Out. Since 2018, Virtual Riot has been featured on 3 different EP’s and Disciple Record’s Vol. 06 Mark of the Beast & Vol. 07: Seven Deadly Sins. His songs are bass hits like you’ve never heard with his mix of heavy hitting BPM’s, choppy breakdowns, and theatrical sounds that take you on a journey while listening. It’s a night you won’t want to miss!

Aura Nightclub is located on Mill Avenue and is the only club that is 18+. Keep in mind that it gets HOT in there. Drink lots of water and keep an eye on your friends! Mill Avenue can get pretty crazy on the weekend so please be careful walking to and from your car and never go anywhere alone! Lets make it a safe and fun night headbangers!

Get tickets at:

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