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Tony H Makes His Debut on Desert Hearts with His Game Changing 'She Moves The World EP'

Article by: Christian Langston

Tony H is no stranger to the world of House and Techno. As the founder of Late Night Munchies and new techno sub-label Munchies After Dark, as well as being the Space Yacht Records label manager, his mark is recognizable. Now, he adds his talent to Desert Hearts with his anticipated She Moves The World EP.

She Moves The World opens with the EP’s namesake track, a collaboration with Swavé. “She Moves The World” brings a rush of energy to start the collection off, fueled by an infectious groove. The synths give a sense of nostalgia, while reclaiming the sounds in a modern and fresh way.

“Get Physical” brings it deep for track two, featuring earworm vocal hooks from Icausetreble. This track turns from its predecessor, spotlighting a dark and heavy bassline that transports the listener straight to a dark warehouse. Tony H ties up the EP with “Little Pieces,” this time bearing the vocal signature of Ingrid Hakanson. Bringing together elements from the previous two tracks, “Little Pieces” acts as the perfect traversion between the styles. While it still features a driving bassline and dark energy, the refreshing, groovy vibe returns as well. The addition of Ingrid’s soulful vocals pushes it a step further, really bringing home the entire anthology.

Tony H demonstrates why he is such a mainstay within the House and Techno scene. She Moves The World is a masterful demonstration of both the technical prowess and spiritual appreciation that breeds such timeless music. From his selection of collaborators to his choice to release on Desert Hearts, everything fits together perfectly to create the best work possible. Tony H has already proven he’s here to stay; with She Moves The World, he shows he’s here to take over. Listen to the whole EP, and keep up with everything Tony H has coming using the links below!

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