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TRIGO Descends From the Heavens with Divine New Single “Shadow Walker”

Article by: Ryan Hood

Electronic music is wonderful in that it allows artists to bring their listeners into their own world, serving as an escape from reality.

“Shadow Walker,” TRIGO’s latest single, does exactly that. This track combines eerie flutes, distant echoing vocals, and deep pulsing bass to create an incredibly dynamic soundscape, painting a beautiful auditory picture. There are senses of curiosity and wonder with this track, encouraging the listener to venture further.

“Shadow Walker” pulls inspiration from both wave and bass. TRIGO utilizes echo and reverb perfectly to give each synth incredible depth. The topline melody is foreboding, and each bass is perfectly crafted, cutting through the mix and standing out in the soundscape. The eerie topline and deep bassline are perfect complements.

The artwork for this single is absolutely phenomenal. It perfectly captures the mood and energy displayed in the song, as it features a sense of discovery and venture into the unknown. Just based on the single and artwork alone, I already have a clear picture of what a current TRIGO set might look and sound like.

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