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Truly Beyond the Senses: How Rezz rocked The Met Philadelphia

Written by: Jake Stevenson

Photo By: Jake Stevenson

I first became a fan of Rezz in April 2018, before her Coachella performance. “Something Wrong Here,” “Mass Manipulation,” “Insurrection,” even her “I Could Be Anything” remix - I ended up devouring everything, and I was spellbound. Alas, circumstances in my life prevented me from seeing her, or anyone, live, and I waited for the day when that would no longer be the case.

I finally got the chance to fully break into the EDM scene around mid-June 2019 seeing Feed Me with Teeth at the Theatre of Living Arts, and it was the best night of my life.

WAS, the best night.

On October 18, 2019, Rezz came to the Met Philadelphia, and brought BlackGummy and Peekaboo with her. And I finally got to go.

It IS the best night of my life.

I’ve been in GA seated sections and VIP, and a GA festival. This was my first time in the GA crowd at a smaller club show. So it still surprised me a little when I walked in, because unlike my previous shows at the Met a month earlier, the GA seating was completely removed. It makes sense, as this was an electronic music show, and I would finally get to be in the thick of it.

First, I met up with some of the Cult of Rezz by the merch booth, and immediately felt at home. From amazing outfits to goggles, everyone was awesome and looked awesome, and unique in their own ways. Shoutout to the guy who met Blank Banshee.

As I would find out going into GA, it is indeed VERY easy to lose track of your rave fam. You can try to keep track of everyone by what they wear or what they look like, but even in the smallest crowds you’ll probably eventually lose them.

As I wondered lost from my friends, the show was about to begin. First up for the night was BlackGummy, who remains the only producer I’ve seen twice, since he opened for Feed Me. He got the mood going perfectly with amazing techno that got us moving and even mingling. I actually met someone I was already following on twitter, and elsewhere I even got treated to a whip show.

Next was Peekaboo, who I was pretty psyched to see and did not disappoint. I experienced my first mosh pits (and I believe my camera was on,) I headbanged for an eternity, I even heard Dr. Ozi’s “Hartyhar,” one of my all-time favorite dubstep songs. I don’t know if it was me or my earplugs, but the volume seemed to be somewhat lacking during Peekaboo’s set, even in comparison to BlackGummy. Nevertheless, it was a great time, getting us all pumped for Space Mom to take the stage.

Photo by: Jake Stevenson

Earlier in the night, I had a chance to look at the set times and saw there was a 15 minute break between Peekaboo and Rezz, so I immediately went to get some water to hydrate.

Almost immediately upon getting to the VIP bar, I hear the opening of Kiss of Death, and curse myself sprinting down two floors to get to the show, and for the rest of the mixed song’s length I focused on getting back into the crowd. Almost as if it was my reward for waiting it out for a year and a half to see her, the very next song she played was her insane 1788-L collab, “H E X” and from there the night took off.

For those wondering if having your soul snatched is an apt description of what it’s like seeing Rezz for the first time, it absolutely is. For those wondering why, it’s how her production comes together. Lights, lasers, the massive screen depicting mesmerizing visuals, all melding together to ensnare and enchant with the sounds.

Photo by: Jake Stevenson

Having a horrible memory and having tested before if putting my phone down at concerts really does cement the memories in my head (it doesn’t,) I of course filmed the entire Rezz show, right up until my phone battery’s death right before the final song (which I won’t spoil for you here.) I think there was a physical section of the show where I could feel my soul being snatched, and being able to go back to it later is just plain awesome, not in the least her “Divinity” remix, which probably is my new favorite memory at a show ever.

Rezz played her collaboration with Malaa, some songs I can’t even begin to ID, and an incredible assortment of her original tracks, including her stellar Beyond the Senses EP. She really does command the show, and seems to possess a subtle cuteness while dropping insane songs. Her dance moves are like an alien hypnotist conducting her new legion of subjects. Everything I’ve ever seen, heard, read and felt was proven true 150%. Seeing Rezz live, at a visual-filled, precisely engineered tour show is truly an out-of-this-world experience.

Photo By: Jake Stevenson

Maybe it was just my first time in a packed GA show crowd, but The Met’s crowds during Rezz were less than perfect. The mosh pits during Peekaboo were fine and appropriate, but what wasn’t were people pushing, blocking, even squishing myself and others. From what I’ve read afterwards, the crowds were indeed not the best. At least I have EDCO coming up to compare.

All in all, if you get the chance to catch Rezz and company on her Beyond the Senses tour, do it. You will be blown away. The hard work and dedication of everyone involved elevates her show beyond others, beyond possibility, and of course, beyond the senses.

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