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TRYB's Long Anticipated Release "100s" OUT NOW Everywhere

Written by: Nick Lamoureux

The Arizona native Pineapple God is back with his first original of 2020. After not releasing a track for over 9 months, Garrett "TRYB" Namenye just released "100s" OUT NOW on all platforms!

I think for me one of the unique touches of this song is that all vocals were done by Tryb himself. I feel as though some artists are hesitant to use their own vocals so I really appreciate this nugget of the song.

"I shouted out my videographer David Rios (Doozy Cinema) in the second verse. Seriously one of the best," he said.

This sound design is slightly different than what we've come to expect from TRYB, but he was still able to deliver a song that has meaning for him. "100s is about our spiritual need for money and how we long to have a life style of abundance," said TRYB. “The intro is designed to simulate a day dream of that life style. The drop is more party vibes and all of the vocals performed by myself."

He goes on to say that he "wanted to create a sound space similar to a day dream that encapsulates ones spiritual and primal needs for money."

This was the first taste of a brand new sound that TRYB is creating. "I’ve usually stayed with Trap and Dubstep but I wanted to create something unique and different. I’m calling it Experimental Spiritual."

Enjoy the listen, and stay up to date with the newest releases from TYRB Social Media: Twitter: @TrybGod Facebook: IG: @trybgod

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