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Tuesday Tune: "Ice Cream" off of GRiZ's Bangers[1].Zip EP

By: Lizzie Pomeroy

We’re back this Tuesday with a tune by someone who is really making an appearance lately in the EDM world. This last week GRiZ dropped a new Ep - Bangers[2].Zip - that includes "Griztronics," which has been blowing up and has put so much more attention on the beloved GRiZ! A few months ago he dropped the first three track dubstep EP with some similar sounds that I wanted to share this week! 

My personal favorite from this is “Ice Cream.” Before each drop in this song, GRiZ sampled little parts from “Da Ali G Show” where Ali G pitched an ice cream glove to Donald Trump. This track is gritty; very gritty. Definitely give it a listen. 

GRiZ is an incredibly talented artist, mixing his funky, live saxophone and his future electro-soul sound in his past releases so this EP brings out a different kind of talent you may have heard in some past live sets, but not for everyday enjoyment! He really can do it all. His journey with the Banger Eps aren’t over! Bangers[2].Zip came out earlier this month and the third will be on its way! 

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