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Tuesday Tune: Moksi's "Slow Burn" off first album: Return of House Music

Written by: Lizzie Pomeroy

"Moksi switch it!" The Dutch duo returns with their very first full length album they have been working on for some time. “Slow Burn,” was the first single off the album to be released and it grasped just how different this album would be from their previous releases over the years.

It’s deep, full of good vibes, and definitely has a way of making you want to dance around in circles. The song starts off slower with vocal by Elayna Brown. You don’t get that heavy drop that you typically would with Moksi’s older tunes but this one will definitely make you bop your head and groove around to the beat. Moksi tweeted “Feeling all sorts of things today... don't know where to start.. ❤️ Let us just say; thank you for embracing all of this. It means so much.” If you have heard them before, this is a huge shift in their sound, but definitely a good one! If you haven’t, check out their new album, “Return of House Music” and give "Slow Burn" a listen!

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