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tyDi, Peytn and Bella Renee Have Us "Feeling Right" With Their New Single

Article by: Nick Lamoureux

Just over eight months since since the release of "New Normal," tyDi and Bella Renee are back again with a second record "Feeling Right," but this time in addition to Salt Lake City native, Peytn!

This song's production came about organically according to tyDi, who says it all happened so naturally even though they weren't all in the same room at the same time.

During production tyDi was on the coast of Australia, Bella in the middle of the Sonoran desert of Arizona and Peytn by the Great Salt Lake. First, Bella was only involved with writing the song, until the they added Bella's vocals, and the trio thought this would sound great as a duet!

tyDi Shares "'Feelin’ Right' is a song that I've been so excited to release for a very long time! I worked on this one during the midst of a global pandemic so I wasn't super focused on tracks for my shows. Instead, I wanted to make something that was more of a 'celebration' song for when things start to feel normal again."

This collab is the story telling of a light-hearted vibe, full of love and hope. Written in the middle of the pandemic, Peytn says, "Dim lights, something cute" was the theme when he was thinking of lyrics, which is a completely different sound than his traditional music.

With the change of brands from Atarii to Peytn, he thought this song was the perfect opportunity to share a new sound to show that his musical range isn't just on heavier tracks.

Catch the full interview with tyDi, Peytn, Bella Renee and Payam from Ziza Brand to hear how the whole story on how this song came together. Be sure to tune into our #NewMusicFriday Playlist to hear "Feeling Right" and more!

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