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tyDi Speaks Up with New Single “Nerve”

Article By: Matt Garcia

Australian producer Tyson Illingworth, also known as tyDi, returns full force with his new song “Nerve,” marking the artist’s third single release of 2020. tyDi tries something new for this summer time track, mixing analog synthesizers and percussion tracks to create an 80s dance era sound and mix it with the contemporary pop sound of today.

tyDi begins the track with light percussion under the vocals of American Idol finalist Geena Fontanella. The track picks up and comes in with a killer chorus from tyDi’s musical genius and Fontanella’s astounding vocals. The chorus and melodic drop are followed by more meaningful lyrics before going back to the bridge. After the second verse, the chorus and drop come back even heavier, bringing out the soft and true dance vibe of the track. “Nerve” serves as a feeling for 2020, and this year sure has some nerve to it, as the song contains a much deeper meaning within its beautifully written lyrics about standing up for someone who may not have the voice to do it themselves.

tyDi has had a busy few months, with several successful single releases earlier this year. Expanding his genius into recent promotional campaigns, tyDi has worked with well known brands like Stella Artois and Quickbooks to name a few, as well as having his music featured in the Fox show “Almost Family.” This stellar track is one of many great accomplishments tyDi has under his belt, including a visually stunning lyric video for “Nerve” posted on his tyDiTV youtube channel, so best keep your eyes and ears out to catch what comes next.


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