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tyDi Stays Busy with New Single “Fool For You”

Article By: Matt Garcia

tyDi, an Australian LA-based producer has kept himself very busy over the recent months. His quarantine has consisted of multiple successful single releases including the likes of “New Normal” and “Trainwreck.” tyDi looks to continue this success into the new year with his consistent release schedule.

Fool For You” is another upbeat track produced by tyDi, with stellar vocals and a great deep bass drop. The vocal track is lined with a strong dance percussion beat with a light acoustic guitar riff. Sound effects and vocal samples that accompany the drop make for a danceable beat with a strong lyrical performance about not being able to leave and wanting the rush of a dangerous love.

Tyson Illingworth’s captivating soundscapes make you want to sing and dance with every new release and this project is sure to be the same. Illingworth says “Fool For You just has something special about it, it's got just the right amount of emotion, a little bit of sass and a badass instrumental section.” tyDi keeps up with his schedule with constant releases throughout quarantine and we know he’s nowhere near done yet! Keep up to date with tyDi to hear more like this killer track.

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