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Ukiyo Dazzles With Ethereal Debut Album Ukiyo LP

Article by: Ryan Hood

Ukiyo absolutely dazzles us with his debut album, Ukiyo LP. The new album follows the releases of “Good Enough” and “The Middle,” which gave us a tease of what was to come from the up-and-coming producer. There is a tremendous amount of emotion put into every track on the LP, which ranges from chill-hop to dream pop to electronica. The album incorporates a wide range of organic sounds creating a sense of escapism for listeners while also showcasing fantastic instrumental prowess.

Ukiyo assembled quite the collection of vocalists on this album, all hailing from his home country of Australia. His single “Make It Better,” featuring Bajillionaire and Brewer, showcases some of the incredible vocal talent on this album while exploring deep personal issues such as mental health.

Tracks such as “Something Like This,” “Runaway,” and “Sputnik” showcase melodic, ethereal synths, combined with dreamy beats and vocal tracks that complement the production perfectly. The transition from “Ryo” into “Runaway” grabs the listener’s attention and builds tension until it’s released during the incredible intro of “Runaway.” “Equi” couples a melancholic beat with powerful piano chords and an emotional vocal track.

Ukiyo has been very outspoken with his own battle regarding mental health and wants listeners to find solace in his album. This is a continuous theme throughout the album, as he explores themes of anxiety and relationships. His goal for this album is to give listeners a sense of escapism, especially during these hard times. This is an album to dance to, release pent up emotions, and just let go.

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