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VAMPA & ZIA Take Dubstep to “New Levels”

Article By: Kate Nelson

Bass bosses VAMPA and ZIA are out for necks with their fresh track, “New Levels,” out now on Circus Records. Already infamous for their bass charged B2Bs, they take it to a whole new level of sinister fun on this collab, their first official release together.

A grimy blend of their signature sounds, “New Levels” packs a punch and gets straight to the point with bass face inducing drops following a malevolent intro. Set over wonderfully nasty wubs, the song’s elements break down into a perfect dissertation of dubstep, featuring intimidating vocals and a buildup that could frighten even the bravest of bassheads. The melodies carry perfectly into the madness of the drops, solidifying “New Levels” as a song to file under “Tracks with Threatening Auras.”

It’s a highly anticipated release for the two up-and-coming artists, as their live B2B sets have been storming the scene for a few years now with intense vibes and dark energy. Both ladies have caught well deserved recognition from such artists as Zeds Dead, BTSM, and many more dubstep dons. This impeccable collab and their heavy sets show one thing for sure -- bass music isn’t just a boy’s club anymore!

The rise of these two is just getting started, and many more thrills - and sore necks - are sure to be on the way. Check out “New Levels” and more awesome tunes on the Moon Lvnding New Music Friday Heat Spotify playlist.


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