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VARI’s New Single “Anodize” Finds Its Home On Gud Vibrations

Article by: Trevor Di Carlo

Oklahoma-based newcomer producer VARI unveils his strong second official single of his career “Anodize,” proudly finding its home on NGHTMRE and SLANDER's lauded Gud Vibrations label. The meaning of the track's unique title “Anodize” refers to the chemical process in which the outer surfaces of metals gain a protective oxidative layer by means of electrolysis. 

“Releasing on Gud Vibrations has basically been my dream in music since the start,” says VARI. “Both NGHTMRE and Slander have been such huge inspirations for me throughout my career, and the roster of artists that have released on Gud Vibrations include some of my favorite artists and people in music. ‘Anodize’ is a track I had been sitting on for quite a while trying to find the best way to put it out, and I can't imagine a better home for it than Gud Vibrations.”

VARI crafts “Anodize” with a methodical mindset, starting with a cinematic intro that quickly builds into a violent chorus packed full of churning synth phrases, thudding percussive hits, and metallic textures that create the perfect balance between light and dark elements. Listen to the song below to support this buzzing new artist, and be sure to follow VARI to stay up to date with his current projects. 


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