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Vibe Emissions and HUMORME Land in the Electric Hawk NEST With Their New Collaboration “Madness"

Article by: Trevor Di Carlo

Delivering fresh new tunes of this fine Wednesday evening, power duo Vibe Emissions and HUMORME band together to unveil their bass busting masterpiece “Madness,” out now via Electric Hawk’s NEST Series. The NEST is a weekly, Soundcloud only series that highlights a plethora of rising talent from a variety of sub genres. This time around, Vibe Emissions and HUMORME explore their inner madness through this booming bass collaboration.

Sinister melodies guide the journey through this experimental composition that packed full pulsating basslines, and glitchy wubs that set the tone for this atmospheric listening experience. As tension builds, so does the chaoticness; exploring a direction that utilizes a frenzy of low-end frequencies and distorted drum patterns.

“....Ryan (HUMORME) and I made this track with the idea of releasing our emotions from being locked down in quarantine. The initial idea of ‘Madness’ was to convey how we have all been feeling towards this new normal. The sound is very high energy dubstep/experimental bass, highlighting both of our styles and tying them together into a cohesive "madness." There is nothing subtle about the tune, as we wanted to make it as in your face as possible. This collab has both of our styles battling back and forth and that was a really fun way to create.” 

- Bryce (Vibe Emissions)

Check out this fresh new collaboration below!

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