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W.A.S.H Latest Single "Bugatti Booty" Released on Fight Clvb's Label Fight Free

Written by: Nick Lamoureux

After successful releases with Pax Machina and PZYCCO Records, our favorite electrifying duck-masked duo, W.A.S.H. is making a splash with their second release on Fight Clvb’s label, Fight Free with their new banger, "Bugatti Booty."

W.A.S.H.’s last single with PZYCCO claimed a spot on MMXVAC’s “Bass+Culture” playlist on Spotify and their latest track, "Bugatti Booty" has been supported by Fight Clvb and Duckworthsound.

This new beat comes as a hyper bass, house track that "thrives on a frenetic energy with a vocal that grabs hold and reels you in," said W.A.S.H.

This song is basically all about fine booties, and they're talking about "the top shelf, luxury booties that stand above the rest and are only accessible only to the most powerful."

The track has a nice buildup and when the drop hits at 150 BPM, it "requires you to throw that (ass) in a circle rapidly among it’s high-energy and driving bassline.”

W.A.S.H took their talents to Spring Break in Puerto Penasco this week as they performed at Bandito's in Rocky Point, the Spring Break getaway for ASU and U of A students.

Stay tuned for more news regarding W.A.S.H on their social media pages! From what we hear there's some very exciting news coming in the near future!

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