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W.A.S.H. Shines With Their Remix of Fight Clvb’s “Jungle Error”

Review by: Thomas Taylor

Here at Moon Lvnding we love a good remix, and the dynamic duck duo W.A.S.H. is here to deliver a resoundingly high-caliber official remix of Fight Clvb’s "Jungle Error." The remix is a part of the highly anticipated Fight Free Remix bundle available today, and is bass forward, aggressive and high-energy. Look out for the full release this Friday.

The first thing listeners will notice in differentiation from the original track is the much faster beat per minute. The energy is relentless right from the start as the beats per minute are ramped up.

"We amped the track up to 160bpm and centered the drop around an unrelenting Jungle Terror lead. We also chose a sawtooth bass over the traditional 808 bass that we would typically use to give the drops a jagged edge," said Chris, one of the two Phoenix producers that make up the tandem.

The remix is dramatic and high tempo. The melody is rather staccato, with multiple drops and an enthusiastic, squeaking sample reminiscent of the group’s name. W.A.S.H. creates a unique sound that builds on the original track's filthy, club sound while also bringing ample creativity. This isn’t a minimalist remix, the song is a departure from the original dancehall vibe and feels much more uniquely W.A.S.H.

Since this was the first official remix we’ve been offered by a major artist, we knew we had to bring the intensity. And since the original 'Jungle Error' track is so hype, we had our work cut out for us," W.A.S.H. responded, with the enthusiasm of fans first.

Debuting their first remix, the group is building on a series of recent successes. W.A.S.H. has worked with a number of seasoned veterans in the dance music industry and is hungry to evolve its art and grow their fanbase. But, more than that, the two understand that getting the chance to remix something at this level is a huge honor, and not just a stepping stone in what will be a storied career. Being successful in this industry is about making good sounds, and it’s refreshing to have an act like W.A.S.H. take that deep to heart.

“We are big fans of Fight Clvb and are beyond honored that they gave us this opportunity to deliver a big heater. We hope it lights up dance floors as soon as they open up again!"

And the track certainly will get heads banging, perfectly offsetting the more vocal sample sound of the original song. Too many remixes ignore the standard set by the pantheon of producers who have masterfully added their own touches to existing tracks while keeping the original vibe intact. Specifically, this remix improves upon the original, like Flume improved Tennis Courts.

The only downfall of this remix is the loss of the vocal skit at the end of the original which is both inventive and funny. It sounds like the Joker from Batman has gone backstage and someone is just not having it… well, the rest you’re likely already familiar with, or you can check out here for a quick laugh:

It’s clear W.A.S.H. is talented enough to elevate the game of any song in any genre. This hard-hitting track is the antidote for any sluggish dance fans looking to vibe and headbang their way back to success. This is a late night song for the hard-hustling, an anthem remix of the highest order, and as dance music fans we’re lucky that Fight Clvb tapped into the creative production of W.A.S.H. so we can enjoy the collaboration between these two groups.

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