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WAVEDASH & fknsyd Create An Effervescent Experience With Their Collaboration “Stallion”

Article by: Trevor Di Carlo

Making a splash in this week's New Music Friday, the WAVEDASH trio teams up with fknsyd to create the insane glitched out listening experience they titled “Stallion.” Out now through Gud Vibrations.

“Stallion” serves as a little taste of what's to come in WAVEDASH’s upcoming debut album, set to release in 2021. “Stallion” jumps out the gates with triumphant horn melodies, stabbing synths, and the stunning vocals from fknsyd, pave the way towards a chorus that embodies the sparkly and glitchy theme of the composition.

“‘Stallions’ is one of the oldest songs on the record, with the first demo dating back to 2017, an upside to sitting on a song so long is that we’ve had plenty of time to guide it to a place we’re happy with, and part of that journey was finding a vocal. We went through a few placeholders, but once Sydney (fknsyd) got her hands on it, we knew she was going to smash it. The second we heard her vocal, it was a no-brainer. We love everything she does, and her vocals really tie the song together.” - WAVEDASH

Check out their new single, and follow WAVEDASH to keep up with more juicy updates regarding their upcoming album.


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