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We’re In Our Feelings Over “Can’t Let You Go” by Yewz ft. O.M.

Article by: Shae McCormack

We’ve all been there - holding onto a person, a relationship, or our favorite old t-shirt that we just aren’t ready to let go of. Logically, we know the best possible outcome stems from letting go, but we hold on tightly for our hearts’ sake. Yewz latest self-release “Can’t Let You Go” featuring O.M. takes us on a musical journey about these conflicting emotions.

This self-released song kicks off with a dreamy, melodic drip before adding in moody vocals by guest artist, O.M. The blend of pop-punk style singing and celestial future bass drops create an epic combo of emotional angst, like something from a My Chemical Romance song, but with the spaced out melodies that make electronic music distinguished.

Does this track get you in your feelings? Stream now and let us know how “Can’t Let You Go” made you feel on our socials @moonlvnding.

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