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Welcome Records Releases 4th Installment of ‘Little Comp of Horrors’

Article by: Jessica Duncan

Much like RL Grime's annual Halloween Mix, Welcome Records has started an October tradition with its Little Comp of Horrors series. Launched in 2019, this is the fourth installment, featuring 13-tracks spanning multiple genres including drum and bass, dubstep, techno and trap.

“Comp of Horrors is a celebration of new talent during my favorite time of year, Halloween. I really just like getting spooky and wanted something to show for that with Welcome,” Kayzo said. “Every year, the comp gets better and the talent gets stronger.”

The compilation opens with a mashup of drum and bass and rawtrap by GRAVEDGR and BLVCK CROWZ. GRAVEDGR has been bending genres and giving off Halloween vibes since 2016, while BLVCK CROWZ has been pushing jump up in the Netherlands since 2018. “DEADZONE” is a perfect blend of both producers’ styles with rawstyle kicks and drum and bass breaks.

High Zombie is no stranger to Welcome Records. He released “Autonoma” through them in 2020, and his track “Make History” was featured on the third Little Comp of Horrors last year. He returns to the compilation with a remix of Kala’s song “Misfits” which was originally released through Welcome in 2021. He cranks up the tempo and totally changes the vibe of the song. On why he chose to remix this track, High Zombie said “When I heard the original of ‘Misfits’ by Kala, something about his style sparked a flame and I wanted to write a pop-punk-styled drum and bass song that blended the genres. It was a perfect fit.”

High Zombie

Dr. Ushuu has been bringing heavy bass since 2019. “Alpha,” his first release on Welcome Records, is no exception. It’s metallic, screechy, and sure to start moshpits and get the listener headbanging. This is definitely one of the heavier tracks on the compilation.

Krischvn’s track “PUSHNPULL” was featured on the second Little Comp of Horrors. He’s back again with his new track “Trip To Mars,” a spacey-sounding trap song that will get your trap arms waving. It sounds as if all the consoles on a spaceship have started to malfunction. According to Krischvn “I tried to do something different this time and ended up with some extra spicy trap-step combined with brain-tickling, high-frequency tones.”


BVLVNCE previously collaborated with Kayzo for the song “Crown of Thorns” off his latest album New Breed. He takes us “Into The Dark” where we find chugging guitars and screamo vocals. This song fits right in with the rocktronic sound we’ve come to expect from Welcome.

FREAKY has previously worked with other artists on the compilation project, including High Zombie and RZRKT, so it only made sense for his track, “The Come Up,” to find its way onto this year’s compilation. It opens with an eagle cry before trap-inspired drums with a heavy-hitting kick take over. There is something that sounds like a distorted alarm sound in the drop, as if FREAKY is trying to warn the listener that something is coming.

RZRKT is a newcomer to the Welcome family, but his track “F2B” fits right in. According to RZRKT “I started ‘F2B’ over a year ago while experimenting with my style and rhythm to create something unique to my sound. I had put the project aside because I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to make as a second drop and intro. It wasn’t until July that I sat down and told myself that I really wanted to finish it, so I used all the skills I learned from different projects in order to complete this new one.”


TYPHON is another Little Comp of Horrors alumnus; his track “Stampede” was featured on Volume 3. This time around, his track “NRG” features a booming techno kick and faster BPM. As the song progresses, it builds and creates a sense of urgency.

KartyPartyy was also featured on Litte Comp of Horrors Vol. 3 with his track “Game On.” His collaboration with BVLVNCE “Come Alive” is another rocktronic track on this year’s Volume 4. It features screamo vocals that command “Get in the moshpit,” and the drop will make the listener want to do just that.

BADVOID released his track “Poison” through Welcome earlier this year. His latest song, “The Edge,” features Josh Rubin on vocals. Josh’s vocals are the focal point of the track before the drum breaks kick in. “The main inspiration for this track was to try and blend heavy metal with drum and bass, Josh's emotional and raw vocals along with the dark instrumental help indulge the listeners on a journey through darkness and emotion with the aim of telling a story about what it's like to be on 'The Edge,'” BADVOID said.


Crimson Scar came into the scene in 2020. His track “Agni Kai” is his first release on Welcome. The track opens with Japanese-inspired strings before a heavily distorted baseline and simple, vibey beat come in. It then gets heavier and adds in more metallic, glitch sound effects.

“Revenge” is the first original track to be released by Persona Non Grata, a drum and bass duo made up of Revel and Untrust Us, featuring German producer Qoiet. Qoiet has previously worked with Kayzo and Reaper on the song “Wait.” “Revenge” is a good mix of both rocktronic and drum and bass.

MYR. is an up-and-coming producer out of Tampa, Florida. He is currently a resident at the Ritz Ybor, where Blunts & Blondes and Lizzy Jane have previously been residents. His track “Dignity” closes out the compilation and signals a shift in his sound from melodic and future bass to the heavier end of the bass music spectrum. It features eerie synths and a punchy snare. The drop has more metallic elements and laser stabs in it, and it’s a great track to wrap up the compilation.

Kayzo did an awesome job curating Little Comp of Horrors Vol. 4. With the range of genres it covers, every listener will be able to find a song they resonate with.

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