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Whip Your Playlist Into Shape with Moore Kismet’s “You Should Run” ft. Pauline Herr

Article by: Shae McCormack

Get your emotional cardio on with 15-year-old DJ and producer Moore Kismet’s latest single, “You Should Run.” 🏃In collaboration with singer, songwriter, and producer Pauline Herr, this transcendental track pushes the envelope into a dreamy house music space. If you’re familiar with Moore Kismet, you likely think of the future bass, trap, and dubstep sounds they’re known for, but this experimental song reflects the creative freedom and self-expression that they embrace, and is “easily one of the best songs I’ve ever written,” per the artist themself on Twitter.

“You Should Run” debuted on NIGHT MODE Records and tells the story of being deeply in love with someone. The lyric “I’d run away with you if I could” echoes throughout the song.

The song features two drops, the first with soft celestial sounds, and the second incorporating a tender but choppy bassline. “I interpolated in the production to simulate the experience of deciding to make that run to the person they love,” Kismet said.

Don’t walk — RUN over to our New Music Friday Heat playlist on Spotify to listen to another out-of-this-world tune by Moore Kismet. Follow their journey on socials in anticipation of their second album dropping mid-2021! 🙌

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