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Who Are Ya?! KANE

Written by: Sam Wolloch

Welcome back #MoonLandingFam to our article series Who Are Ya?! which explores names worth knowing in the EDM scene. Today we touch down with Kane, the progressive techno artist who had the first music release on GRUM’s Deep State Recordings.

Not to be confused with the Mexican DJ or the Dutch band, Kane stayed true to his roots and ran with the name his mother gave him. When he’s not hard at work making music, the 28-year-old can be seen surfing the Pacific Coast near his residence in Orange County, California.

Kane began his musical journey playing the guitar when he was 12 and subsequently spent some time playing in punk bands. However, his path took a turn when he went to his first rave and in his words “realized I could do it all myself, and that was that.”

This coming October will mark Kane’s 10 year anniversary of producing music. In addition to the guitar, he also plays the piano and has started singing a bit, so despite being entrenched in EDM, Kane still enjoys playing live instruments. He describes his musical style as “95% out of the box” and he tries “to create sonic representations of the images and short movies that play in my head.”

Kane’s close friend GRUM must also be a big fan of the images swirling around in his head, because GRUM signed Kane’s two tracks “Days Like These” and “Forgive Me Forget You” for the first release on Deep State Recordings. “These tracks are for the good times,” Kane notes, sharing that his music is usually darker and more aggressive while always keeping a techno edge to the tunes.

Turning our attention to Kane’s musical influences, he admits “I love everything. You should see my Spotify playlist. It’s the most eclectic selection ever. Jazz, 90s Hip Hop, Hardcore Punk, Classical.” Kane identifies Rage Against the Machine, Portishead, and Depeche Mode as some standout talents, but in reality his favorite artist really just depends on his mood at the time.

Looking ahead to the future, Kane is staying busy by managing a few different music projects and working to get his newest tracks signed. His long-term goal is helping propel artists he loves to the forefront of people’s attention, and to that end, Kane offers this sound advice before signing off:

“To anyone out there who feels stuck, or like you’re falling behind, just know that

everyone has their own path. Some rise quicker than others, but those that do

usually disappear just as quick. Learn to love the process more than the result.

And don’t forget how lucky you are to be living your dream, even if it’s one small

step at a time.”

Thanks to Kane for the words of wisdom and taking the time to share his story with Moon Landing. If any of you #MoonLandingFam has some bright ideas for our next Who Are Ya?! feature, please give me a shout @samwolloch and let me know. I’m always listening.


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