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Who Are Ya?!: Lizzy Jane

Written by: Sam Wolloch

Photo By: Thomas Jimenez - @typicaltom_photo

Welcome #MoonLandingFam old and new to our next exploration of the talented producers making waves in the EDM scene. After a few impressive performances by Lizzy Jane in New York City this fall, amongst all the other awesome music projects she’s working on, I thought it’s about time we all got to know Who Are Ya?!

Music has always been a way of life for the artist known as Lizzy Jane, beginning with classical training in piano and violin as a young child. In middle school she picked up guitar and bass, while also working with an instructor to write music, record the tracks, and bring the songs to life. Then when she started high school, Liz formed a band with some studio musicians, and by senior year, her bands were getting booked as support on some east coast tours.

College proved to be the turning point for the Lizzy Jane project. She followed her passion for music production by transferring to Full Sail University, an entertainment technical school, and completed a bachelor’s degree in audio engineering. Admittedly she has “always been able to hear and even play what I want in my head,” but by learning to harness the creative power of digital audio workstations (DAW), sound design, and post production, Lizzy Jane has been able to make her EDM ideas a musical reality.

The fruits of her labor, affectionately dubbed #LVRBASS, are rather quite tasty. While Lizzy Jane’s newest release, “My Heart” for record label Nightenjin, doesn’t drop until December 10th, her Soundcloud is stacked with tracks, including her most recent Nightenjin release, "Illusion" or the standout song "WANT," a track from the beginning of the Lizzy Jane journey last summer.

The songs are her engine, deep bass and dirty dubstep, driving home what Lizzy Jane is really all about, “connecting and inspiring people, creating such a strong, supportive fan base.” If you’ve ever been to her home away from home at The Ritz Ybor in Tampa, Florida, or caught her on the road playing a town near you, then surely you’ve had a chance to catch some of the Lizzy Jane LVRGNG spreading the love.

Just a few weeks ago Lizzy Jane celebrated her 23rd birthday in style, headlining her first show at The Ritz with a strong group of regional artists and nearly selling out the 1700-person venue. And this past fall, she’s made several stops in my hometown of New York City playing on the same ticket as some of my favorite dubstep artists like Adventure Club at Webster Hall and Knife Party at Schimanski.

Check out the picture below, with the Brooklyn, NY crowd throwing their hearts up, sending the love. Lizzy Jane took time to share the importance of these moments, “At the end of my sets with crowd pics, we all throw up our biggest hearts. I want people to be able to mosh during my sets then everyone hug each other after, because it was just that epic.”

“I love the EDM PLUR community,” she professes. “During my sets I want people to appreciate how lucky they are to have a rave fam, best friend, family, or significant other that loves them and loves being there with them in that moment. To take that love, and carry it with them after that event!”

Lizzy Jane does even more to spread the love and give back to the community. For over a year she has been curating her own Mix series The XO, featuring her picks for fresh up and coming sounds in the EDM world. The most recent mix is XO #43, a trappy effort from Billy Zigg, and I love the wonky work of New York native Krxnik on XO #40.

Lizzy Jane looks forward to finishing out the dedace with a few more music releases, and performances on Snails’ World of Slime tour at the legendary Terminal 5 in Manhattan, NY on December 14th, and the entire four city Florida run from December 20th through the 23rd. And there are big things ahead for 2020 as well, including a highly anticipated appearance at the Forbidden Kingdom Music Festival in February.

Artistically, Lizzy Jane continues to focus on EDM, drawing inspiration from other producers like Nitti Gritti, Grieves, and Flume and influential bands like RUSH and Animals as Leaders. “I’m sharing some of my favorite music I’ve made to date within the next three months,” she says excitedly, “I know there are huge opportunities to release and collaborate with some of my dream labels and artists.”

For my part, I hope heavy hitters like Kannibalen, Disciple, and Deadbeats are taking notice, because it sure looks like Lizzy Jane will be bringing the bass in 2020 and beyond. Asked for any parting words, she offered, “Love More; Fear is good, it means you’re growing!” Sage-like sentiment from someone doing their share to spread more love in the EDM community with her artistic endeavor and indefatigable positivity.


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