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Who Are Ya?! SWARM

Written by: Sam Wolloch

Photo by: @shutter.klick on IG

Welcome #MoonLandingFam to our first EDM artist feature of 2020, as we take some time to get to know SWARM, another Florida producer up to big things in the bass music scene. After making a big impression on me with his mix on The XO and his selection for national support on Sullivan King’s Thank You For Raging Tour, I just had to know, Who Are Ya?!

The 30-year-old producer from Jacksonville, FL has been involved in music since 2008, when he used to play guitar in a metal band. Interestingly, SWARM credits his first EDM show, Excision at The House of Blues Orlando in 2015, as influence and inspiration for his current musical direction.

Photo by: @we.theplug on IG

As for the name of his EDM identity, legend has it that SWARM was sharing a few drinks with a friend in NYC when they remarked that something was “so warm!” But lo and behold, he heard “SWARM” and the name just stuck. The self-proclaimed hater of sun, joy, and anything not black is about three and a half years old in producer years.

In that time, SWARM has stacked his Spotify and SoundCloud with goodies for dark and spooky bassheads. In addition to two EPs, Corrupt and This Is The End, SWARM posted recent collabs with Sullivan King on “Hitman” and I-Exist on “In My Dreams.” He also boasts a fresh new remix of the Celldweller track “Into the Void” and Ghostemane’s “Nihil.”

Admittedly, SWARM doesn’t listen to a lot of EDM artists, instead finding inspiration from music with electronic elements like that of metal groups The Browning, Celldwellers, and his all-time favorites, the German legends Rammstein. He also shares admiration for Sullivan King, noting how well the Miami, FL based artist has blended his guitar metal roots with heavy bass EDM.

In fact, SWARM has been touring with Sullivan King since the fall of 2019 and continues his run on the Thank You For Raging Tour in 2020. SWARM reflects on his time on tour, “I feel very fortunate to have been asked to be on the tour. I have gotten to see so many cities I’ve never been to before, Seattle and Portland were both some that come to mind as being exceptionally awesome.” The story checks out for someone with a strong dislike of the sun!

A story that really stuck with me after talking with SWARM was when he opened for Rezz last year. “I’ll never forget the feeling of stepping on stage and the sound of 7000 people cheering,” recalls SWARM. “That is a moment I’ll never forget as long as I live. The feeling of all of the hardships I had endured to get to that point feeling validated in a single moment.”

SWARM continues to push ahead with bigger projects, with an eye to the wide world of visual production. He cites The Nine Inch Nails’ memorable and theatrical tour productions as inspiration to build his brand. “I have some CRAZY plans for stage production when the budget allows it down the road,” he admits, but for now SWARM is focused on completing his third EP and making music that he likes.

Photo by: @we.theplug on IG

Finally, SWARM will make his festival debut this spring, with an appearance at Ubbi Dubbi Festival in Texas this April. I look forward to more opportunities to see SWARM work his dark arts live as he brings his spooky sound and visual production to the EDM community.


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